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    Solution Provider for IoT Projects – Software & Hardware

    At Smart Sight Innovations, we believe that IoT technology has the potential to reshape several industries. Our experienced team of engineers utilize the latest developments in IoT to build powerful solutions that help automate business processes.

    As an IoT software development company, we offer end-to-end software and hardware solutions to help organizations enhance business mechanisms.

    Strengthen safety & security

    Real-time operational insights

    Enhancing processing capabilities

    Better & faster information

    Remove human error

    Accelerate transactions

    Industries Worked For In USA and India

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    Transport & logistics
    Transport & logistics


    Software & Hardware Solutions

    Timely development and deployment of novel IoT solutions for existing business processes require end-to-end expertise, and this is exactly what Smart Sight offers with both software and hardware.

    We develop functionality-rich IoT apps that help you make the most of your connected device network by providing real-time updates, actionable insights and astute analytics on a single dashboard for easy viewing and comprehension.

    Firmware Development

    Smart Sight has considerable experience in development and implementation of firmware with different network protocols. Our firmware supports several types of architectures and devices with optimizations that fit the memory constraints of the chipset.

    Edge Computing

    Our edge computing solutions ensure lower latency rates and quicker data offloading time to manage more access points. We help organizations optimize storage capabilities by processing data in real-time as against storing them in the cloud.

    Deep Integration

    Our expertise in IoT helps us build custom solutions to meet your unique business requirements by combining the best processor architectures, wireless technologies, test softwares and sensors.


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      IoT brings endless possibilities to e-commerce development, authoritative softwares in particular. When custom e-commerce solutions are implemented with IoT, it empowers online retailers to understand customer patterns, design more effective business models and take productivity to never seen before levels.

      Improved Customer Experience

      Implementing IoT as part of your custom ecommerce development helps organizations improve user experience by understanding their preferences, purchase history to deepen customer engagement.

      Optimize Inventory & Logistics

      Deploying IoT sensors and RFID tags within warehouses help automate the tracking of every incoming and outgoing item and eliminates possible human errors. Add GPS to the mix to help pinpoint asset location.

      Improved Marketing Reach with Advanced Analytics

      IoT employs Data as a Service (DaaS) to collect valuable insights on customers. Utilize this data to run personalized campaigns by identifying user interests and products.

      Automate stock-keeping using IoT that in turn provides information to an integrated ERP system. Real-time monitoring of inventory enables optimum visibility & planned re-stocking. More and more e-commerce website development companies are realizing  ERP and IoT systems contribute deeply to e-commerce web development service endeavors.


      Smart Cameras

      Build and maintain a secure network of cameras connected to the cloud at all times.

      Storage Solutions

      Get access to real-time warehouse information that brings agility, efficiency and seamless scalability through smart IoT deployments.

      Industrial IoT Solutions

      Agile manufacturing processes and enhanced robotics coupled with AI capabilities create a safe manufacturing environment and also boost output across industrial sectors.

      Smart Home Solutions

      Improve home automation functionalities with smart appliances, voice assists to ease day-to-day chores.

      Connected Network

      Track performance, health and potential issues on a connected network of industrial devices and perform preventive maintenance.

      Application Development Technologies

      With a wide array of developers, Smart Sight Innovations is a renowned custom iot app development company with a focus on innovative application development solutions to cater to the needs of contemporary app users. Our experienced team of developers are skilled in languages like Swift, Objective C, C++, Java, C#Python, JavaScript, etc. to develop robust and scalable solutions for various industries.


      Smart wearables
      Security cameras
      Health monitoring devices
      Home automation controllers
      Connected consumer products
      Sports activity trackers
      Environmental sensors
      Connected production systems
      Edge computing devices

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Native apps are developed using native development languages and frameworks. While this gives you the most control, it is also more expensive and time consuming, considering two teams that are required, once each for iOS and Android. Hybrid apps are apps built on the same native components to unify the development of both iOS and Android platforms, reducing build time and saving on costs.

      Although off-the-shelf solutions do serve certain purposes, often the intricacies and nuances of your unique situation requires a specific product. This is where Smart Sight Innovations comes to the fore as a custom app development company with the ability to merge off-the-shelf features with custom functionalities to enable you to save on time and costs.

      When you choose Smart Sight Innovations, you not only get an application with regular updates and seamless maintenance; but also, end-to-end expertise for all support, hosting, app submissions and management of future upgrades, which is why we often get called out as the best mobile app development company.

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